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The Mr. Ego is a prog metal band, formed in 1995, in Ribeirão Preto-SP, by bass player Paulo André.

Since then, the group went through several formations, accumulating over the years, the experience of having performed in several important houses, and the interior of São Paulo, earning the respect of the public and critics, as proven by the many positive reviews major sites and magazines specializing in heavy metal from Brazil and abroad.

Countries like Argentina, United States, Germany, France, Chile, Italy, Japan, Russia, and others, have embraced the artistic proposal of the quintet from the band’s debut, with the album Egocentric, which was more focused on hard rock, until subsequent demos Strangers, Crimson Moon and Revolutions, which already had a new direction toward the fusion of melodic metal and Progressive.

In 2008, a new phase, Mr. Ego released the single Messengers Rage to serve as a prelude to his most daring, until then, Mythology, album totally grounded in the mythology of ancient Greece.

In addition to the saga told in Mythology theme, the work also counts with the special participation of the great musicians of heavy metal scene, as Felipe Andreoli (Angra), who lends his talent in bass lines of the song “Lost Soul,” Leandro Caçoilo (Soulspell) “The Blade Of Truth”.

Between 2009 and 2010 the myths of ancient Greece were transported to Brazil by Mythology Tour, which passed by a large number of cities.

In 2013 André Anheiser Ferrari (ex-Eyes Of Shiva) takes the vocals.

The band is formed by Paulo André (bass), Ricardo Longhi (drums), Igor (Keyboard), Iuri (guitar) and André Ferrari Anheiser (Voice).